Sunday, March 11, 2012


Sunday March 11, 2012, Tempe Arizona United States of America Pacific time 4:11 PM.

Diamonds are a beautiful jewel. They are my favorite jewel. They are precious in the worlds eyes too. They are smuggled, blood is shed over them, they are fought over, adorned. They are a symbol of promise, show status and a dazzle of glitz and flare. According to Amanda Oscinberg in an Ezine Article "The strength of the precious stone comes from the way its atoms have been built up. Each O Atom in a diamond links with 3 others and the connection lengths and corners are always equal."

In parallel finding God's truth is like finding the good in people. Finding their diamond truth, the hidden jewel in them. We mix up the issue, fight for it, bleed over it, hurt each other with it. However it is much easier than people think it is. To make the diamond it takes other matter. To take out our own diamonds it takes everybody helping each other, pressuring out the bad and brilliantly exposing the good. Remember to take heart to those around you. He/She may be part of your diamond process and bring out value to your life. Don't discard what you think is trash for someday you might need that 'trash' to help you light up. We are all diamonds being broken, pressured, processed, building ourselves up into a masterpiece in the journey of life. Lift your chin up and smile at the diamond you are and or can be that is inside of you. Keep fighting for what is right in God's light. It is about the voyage in life. Decide what road you are going to take. You will fall down and you probably have many times, I have, but get back up and keep conducting yourselves into that wonderful material.

Daniel 2 verse 22
God reveals deep and hidden things. He knows what is in the darkness and the light dwells with him.

Let God's light dwell in you.

With Compassion and Sincerity to the world:
Adriana Johnson

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  1. I love the parallel of comparing us to a diamond. Beautiful!! It made my morning. :)