Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time in The Office

Today is the first day of my blog Tuesday February 21, 2012 4:00 PM Mountain Time Zone, Tempe, Arizona United States of America

I am excited to dive into blogging and writing. Today is my first time spent in the Starbucks 'office' in a few days. I had to change my 'office' the other one has quite the college crowd and a very busy one. No chairs were av,ailable. The gracious Starbucks employees recommended a great location for me. I catch up on phone calls, make appointments, check twitter, email and facebook during my 'office' time which is also spent at home. I believe it is important to have your own time away for your personal office time. Wether that is in your home office or at a favorite coffee shop etc. I am a stay at home Mom of a two year old and sometimes we need to change the scene up to feel more accomplished, to change the atomosphere, be around adults etc. I am quite the people watcher ,in disguise, I can hear and see with out hearing and seeing. I would say it is an observance of many senses but paying attention and eyes locked on my own computer. I don't always catch everything. It is not my main purpose at my 'office' it is to spend time officing the senses just happen. Sometimes an action, a thought, a movement, a conversation will remind me of an item, topic to inspire me to write of matters of the heart or mind, ideas and or questions. People motivate me regardles if it is something that upsets me or enlightens me.

We all have busy lives remember to stay balanced, catch up on your office time and stay connected to the things that give you passion. Roar and Whisper in how you do life and remember to do it with Strength and Grace.

Adriana Johnson

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  1. I love it!! Great post! I enjoy people watching as well. :)